Watch as killer whales are spotted near Oban

An Oban tour boat was treated to an “unforgettable experience” when it spotted two Orca whales in the Firth of Lorne, near Oban.

Oban Sea Tours skipper, Alasdair (Ally) Currie, said the atmosphere in the boat was electrifying as they approached the pod on Friday August 25.

“My instinct told me that the initial sighting was the Orca,” he said. “But I could not believe that they were in the unfamiliar territory of the Firth of Lorn.”

Ally and his tour had seen John Coe and Aquarius of Scotland’s West Coast Pod and spent an hour watching them forage the deep waters of the Firth of Lorne.

Speaking about how the electrifying experience came about, Ally said he had seen a dark figure in the water as they were passing the South end of Kerrera.

“Initially the first sight was just over 2 miles away, but the closer we got, it was more apparent that it was potentially an Orca,” he said.

“As far as we were aware, there has never been sightings of Orca around the Oban area – at least not for decades anyway. It was an unforgettable moment as we approached John Coe and Aquarius, the atmosphere on the boat was electrifying.

“Lexie ( Oban Sea Tours guide) and I were in complete disbelief of this potentially record breaking sighting. I’ve seen Orcas in the Shetland Isles before and once on the West side of Mull.

“When you’ve seen a orca dorsal fin, you’ll never miss one again.”

Oban is famous for its wildlife, but it’s not everyday you see a killer whale in these waters.

Oban Sea Tours, which operates a two-hour sightseeing and wildlife tour from the North Pier, states that common sightings can be of harbour seals, porpoise, white tailed sea eagles, sea birds (including northern gannets, manx shearwaters, kittiwakes, arctic terns, black guillemots) and if we’re extremely lucky, dolphins and whales.

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