Listen: Rory O’B’s spoken word celebrates the beauty of Oban

An Oban musician has created a song that will leave you with goosebumps and make you feel proud to call Oban home.

Rory O’B, who grew up in the neighbouring village of North Connel, has drawn upon his personal experiences and memories to create a piece that captures the essence of the “little bay”.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the song, Rory said: “I write about Oban quite a lot. I think as I was growing up, there were a lot of things I saw as negatives, which are now things I miss about living there.

“I think I wanted to capture all the things I used to take for granted, which are actually things that are really important.

“I grew up in North Connel for most of my childhood. Where we lived was great. Almost like a dream actually. We lived about a 5 minute walk from the shore of Loch Etive and were surrounded by so much wildlife and places to explore when we were wee.”

Rory embarked on his musical journey by creating punk music in his teens and credited a local event called “The Freakshow” for helping to keep people interested in other forms of music, outside of the traditional scene.

“There was a point in my late teens/ early adulthood where the music scene was bouncing,” he said. “There were a lot of people writing there own material and getting together to perform at Oban Mic, or the nights Calum MacDonald used to run called K.I.L, this was a collective a lot of artists in the area writing their own material formed.”

From playing in bands in high school, Rory’s path led him to hip-hop and poetry and in 2017, he teamed up with Oban rapper, K9 Kev, to perform at Oban Live in front of thousands of people.

Speaking about that experience, Rory said: “A few people had actually started a campaign to get us to play and it gained a massive following. Following from that, we entered a competition and managed to win!

“It was a great experience to get to perform on the same stage as some truly phenomenal artists. We had a great backing band as well, which contained some of the best musicians in Oban.”

If you liked what you heard in the This is Oban spoken word piece, I highly suggest you check out what else Rory is working on. As well as his solo project, Rory O’B & The Runagates, he also has something lined up with K9 Kev, as well as other projects.

Check out his music | Rory’s Facebook | Instagram | TikTok | Twitter

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