Discover the best time of year to visit Oban

First of all, there isn’t a bad time of year to visit Oban.

The Little Bay is a year-round destination and regardless of when you choose to visit, you’ll will leave you with a smile on your face and a belly full of good grub.

However, you might prefer the warm weather and outdoor adventures over fireworks and festive activities. So, to help you choose the perfect time to visit Oban, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite things about each season.


Spring is a magical time in Oban. The weather starts to warm, flowers start to bloom, and the town gears up for the start of the travel season. 

Everything is open, but the queues are short. The days are longer and the midges are yet to arrive in full force. This makes Spring the perfect season to start your outdoor activities. 

And while you’re exploring the outdoors, don’t forget to look up on a clear night. The Northern Lights can often be seen at this time of year. So check your aurora app, wrap up and warm, and bring a camera or your phone to capture the natural phenomenon. 

Before we stop badgering on about Spring and let you experience it for yourself. We have to mention May, which is also known as Whisky Month. Oban and whisky go hand and hand like a dram on the rocks, so it’s only right that you celebrate the water of life that Oban was built around. 


I know we said there isn’t a bad time to visit Oban – and there isn’t, but taking a trip here during the summer has to be on your bucket list. 

The sunsets and sunrises are spectacular, the streets are teeming with smiles, and you can sometimes even get away with wearing a t-shirt! 

There’s just something special about a summer in Oban that you have to experience firsthand. Words and even photographs don’t do it justice. It’s in the air, it’s in the cafes and the coffee, and it’s especially at the bottom of a box of fish and chips. Just watch out for the seagulls. 

An Oban summer is perfect for the outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you’re taking a hike, trying your hand at paddle boarding or kayaking, cold water swimming, or building a sand castle on the beach, you’ll always have something to do. 

Summer is also highland game season throughout Scotland and Oban and the surrounding areas host their own every year. You’ll watch cabers being tossed, listen to bagpipes, indulge in Scottish delicacies, and take part in games. 

Oh, and if animals are your thing. Many regions also host an agricultural show where you can see what it takes to be the best in breed.


If walking through forests that are filled with 50 shades of leaves, then Autumn might be the season for you.

The places are busy, but not packed, and there’s still a buzz in the air from the summer season. The weather isn’t too cold, the wildlife is still vibrant, and on November 5th, thousands of people line the streets to watch as the firework display illuminates over Oban bay.

So if you’re looking to experience Oban without having to worry about the midges, or the stress of booking restaurants days in advance, but still get to view stunning scenery, we’ll see you after the summer.


Oban in the winter is magical. The pubs are packed for Christmas parties, Santa comes to town, and the mountains are capped with snow. 

There are a couple of highlights of the winter season, one of which is without a doubt the Oban Winter Festival. 

For two-weeks every year, there are festive themed events, Christmas markets, street performers, illuminated forests, amusements for kids, and parades. 

The other highlight has to be bringing in the New Year with fireworks lighting up the sky above McCaig’s Tower. 

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