A first look inside Oban’s new Rage Room

Observant Obanites will have noticed Stevenson Street’s latest addition: the Rage Room.

The new business, which allows you to “release the rage” by wrecking a number of household items using a variety of tools, will open its doors to the public on May 26.

In addition to smashing televisions, stereos, and taking a crowbar to computers, you’ll also be able to try your hand at axe hurling.

Ahead of the public opening, we were lucky enough to be invited along for a sneak-peek at the new venture.

However, the new additions don’t end there. Owner, Alastair Combe, is planning on creating two escape rooms, as well as a cafe, next door to the Rage Room.

“This will be its own little complex,” he said.

Alastair, who has lived in Oban for 3-years, explained that he wanted to create something different for the locals to do.

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